DC was from a litter of 8 Thriantas, but at 3 days old apparently his mom wasn't very fond of him. i went out one afternoon like always to check on them and there DC's little body was hanging from his mothers mouth, i made it just at the right time and swooped him up. but all the luck wasn't on his side, his tail was completely gone as well as part of his rump and the majority of his genitals. not thinking he was going to live but giving him a chance, i placing him in some warm towels and putting him in a DC shoe box on a heating pad. because of his very low chances of survival i just nicknamed him DC because of the small shoe box that was now his home. i fed him every three hours with a syringe, and ended up taking him with me places for the next week! as long as he had the will to live i wasn't going to give up on him. somehow, don't ask me how, he was able to live, no sign of waste coming out of him, every once in a while he would urinate just a little. after his wounds started to scab over i slowly started introducing him to a Holland Lop female that had kits the same age as he was, happily she accepted him as well as the runt from his litter! at about 2 months old i could tell for about a week he just wasn't feeling good what so ever,i was kicking myself for allowing him to live, just in the end to suffer! my  heart sunk and i didn't expect him to live much longer, so i took him into our barn and gave him a luxury cage, trying to make him as comfortable as possible. by the next week that silly little boy was high on life! there was not a bit of pain in his eyes, he was the happiest little bunny I've ever seen! he would follow me around and come hop into my lap when i sat down. he even allowed my chick at that time (Waffles) to bunk with him and they soon became best friends! im glad i never gave up on him! even though he may not be an ideal looking rabbit, he sure is a happy!

 D.C. decided he wanted to play fetch too! Lexi wasn't so sure what to think about it...this became a daily thing for a while...

Waffles and D.C. 


shhhh they don't know there is a difference between them!  

D.C. became a little too obsessed with Waffles...he would start to herd him around our garage...

D.C. and Bell 

hahah apparently Bell was somewhat confused..

you can tell after a while DC started to think he was one of the chickens..they all got along as if he was!

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