Im a sucker for any type of animal, especially once who need a little extra T.L.C.
Instead of having show animals; my cages are filled with ear-less rabbits, tail-less rabbits, rabbits with three legs, chickens with missing toes and mixed rabbits that people drop off at my house.
Yes, it drives my parents crazy! But the odd animals that no one else want are the ones i fall in love with:)
I do however give these animals away to people i trust because it not practical for me to keep them :(
So if you ever want a "special" rabbit just ask, more than likely i will have a few ;)

Nemo running through the living room! shh he doesn't know he is missing a leg! 

I have two baby Thriantas that were born on 6/4/2012, at three weeks old something got into their cage and killed two of their siblings, leaving 2 without a scratch on them and another two missing a hind leg each. 

So what did i do with the 3 legged babies? I took them in the house and spoiled them rotten! duh! Then it hit me..they still need their mommas milk. Not having luck with any milk replacers in the past i went straight to my friends house to milk one of her goats. goats milk is the closest you can get to rabbits milk. but you probably can guess how that turned out, so i ended up going to Tractor Supply and buying Goat (kid) replacement formula. To my surprise the babies loved it! as you can tell from the video at the top! 

Twice a day for a week i cleaned off their wounds and applied antibiotics. Their wounds have healed very nicely. One of the babies seems to have healed completely while its siblings wound is taking its time.

As of 7/8/2012, they are doing amazing! they are little trouble makers and escape artist, at times you will go out to the kitchen where they are kept and they will just walk up to you like"HAHA!" :)

**update** 7/16/2012, lefty went to a loving home as a pet to live in someones house! his new name is captain jack :)

righty is staying with me because i think he might make a wonderful dad :p 

now that we only have one of the babies and don't have to refer to them as "lefty" and "righty" i am naming the little guy NEMO!  :) it fits his personality perfectly!


rescued 9/14/2012

DC is one of my rabbits that graduated from my rabbit rehab :) As you can see he has his very own page! trying to avoid repetitiveness i will just encourage you to go on over to DCs page and check him out:) 

im aware that Jewels is a chicken. ha. this poor chicken got her toe bit off more than likely from a raccoon. (if you look close she only has two toes on her left foot) With lots of antibiotics and lots of TLC she is back to her normal self, except the fact that she has a little skip in her walk;)

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